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Register and start earning on the crypto trading. Fintrustassets provides profitable algorithmic robots to conduct multiple transactions for global customers in a short period of time and bring stable profits.

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Daily Plans

Fin Blue

3.5% in 24 Hours

Min Deposit: $100

Max Deposit: $1000

Referral bonus: 5%

Fin Crystal

6% in 20 Hours

Min Deposit: $1000

Max Deposit: $6000

Referral bonus: 6%

Fin Graph

9.95% in 18 Hours

Min Deposit: $6000

Max Deposit: $30000

Referral bonus: 7%

Fin Golden

15.05% in 36 Hours

Min Deposit: $30000

Max Deposit: $50000

Referral bonus: 7%

Weekly Plans

Fin Bronzy

12.5% in 7 Days

Min Deposit: $15000

Max Deposit: $50000

Referral bonus: 10%

Fin Silver

14.98% in 7 Days

Min Deposit: $50000

Max Deposit: $500000

Referral bonus: 15%

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Financial Trust Assets Limited

We are a team of experts in various fields (IT, Traditional Finance, Cryptocurrency). We have consolidated the most popular fields into one platform, which will be the best way for beginners and experienced traders to make steady profits and grow their wealth quickly. You don’t have to waste time looking for trendy ideas.

Broadly defined, high-frequency trading refers to automated, electronic systems that use complex algorithms (strings of coded instructions for computers) to buy and sell much faster and at much greater scale than any human could do. Our system is designed to make just a tiny profit on each transaction, but through sheer speed and volume, we generate large returns. Hence, we don’t risk a lot but we do profit a lot.

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Guaranteed profit

By combining modern technologies and using all their positive qualities, we give more opportunities for getting a stable and high income for a long time.

Comprehensive customer support

Fintrust Assets Customer Support is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues in live chat and other social medias.

Instant Withdraw

Our withdrawals are all processed instantly after they are requested to selected payment processor which you prefer.

Financial security

The safety and security of our investors' funds and their personal data is our main priority. Our professional team can ensure stable profits.


Referral Commissions

Our clients not only invest profitably with us, but also receive additional profits by participating in affiliate program. Invite other people to participate in our investment project and get a nice bonus to your income!






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Customer Feedback

Instant payment, good customer service, stable income, is my best choice for investment.Highly recommended!

John L. Cooley

I have been investing in since July 2021. By using compound interest, I have doubled my initial investment by December 2021. Very good income, my earnings are still growing´╝ü

Robert C. Wilson

This program seems to be well done. The plan is also stable. I decided to invest $1500 here and test the waters from now. Withdrawals are also paid instantly.

Earl M. Perez is the best project I have invested in, the withdrawals are incredibly instant and they have a pretty good support, I really recommend them.

Christopher J. Bouffard

Fintrust Assets Limited is a private company incorporated in Australia. The main business involves cryptocurrency mining and intelligent automated trading, bringing stable and efficient revenue to our global customers

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